Download Film Indonesia My Stupid Boyfriend (2017)

My Stupid Boyfriend (2017)

Quality: Year: Duration: 100 MinView: 97 views

Download Film Indonesia My Stupid Boyfriend (2017) – Lovers Club is a club that aims to help people who have trouble in romance. As a member and chairman, Jamal is assisted by the club when desiring Samara even though he knows Samara has a boyfriend named Ruben. On the other hand Samara’s parents want her daughter to be paired with a dangdut singer, Hercules. Hercules asks his father, Zeus, to apply for Samara. But, Samara still choose Ruben. Ruben’s wish to marry Samara, is heard by Don Carlo, the mob boss, Cokro’s business enemy, Ruben’s dad. So Don Carlo kidnapps Ruben and Samara and makes them a ransom guarantee of Rp 10 billion .

Language:Bahasa indonesia

Download My Stupid Boyfriend (2017)

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